The Vision

Our vision is to break the stigma and silence that comes with being a victim of abuse. We believe that by encouraging victims to speak up and speak out about their experiences, more victims will be inspired to speak up and seek justice.  
If we can get victims of rape and sexual abuse to become vocal, then we believe no other victim will suffer in silence.

Our Mission

We are passionate and committed to giving a voice to silenced victims of rape and sexual abuse globally. Our mission is to achieve this by helping victims get the courage they need to speak up, provide a shoulder for them when the going gets difficult, and by providing support each step of the way in their pursuit of justice.


Our Inspiration

The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away.
— Pablo Picasso
The greatest ideas come from trying to solve problems.
— Annonymous

Our inspiration is wrapped up in the two quotes above. Our founder, Shilla Zwizwai Shomai, has always been passionate about giving back to society. She grew up extremely underprivileged which built an unending desire to help the needy.
As a victim of sexual abuse, Shilla has realised that the world is full of victims who have been forced into silence by their families, society, culture and their abusers. Shilla found her gift in life by dealing with abuse and is now determined to make a difference by creating an avenue through which silenced victims can find their voice and pursue justice. Thus the Charity was born. 
Read real life inspiring stories from Shilla and other survivors here


We are here to listen to you,talk with you and provide you with focused and undivided attention. This is done either through phone calls, emails or in person. Our team consists of both male and female representatives, passionate about making a difference. We support victims from all races, sexes, backgrounds and religion.

We provide help through the following means:

We assist victims of sexual abuse with reporting cases of abuse to the relevant authorities. This may include the Police service, Solicitors as well as social workers. We offer support to victims who may require medical attention. Our team will be present and willing to attend follow up GP appointments with the victim, should they require such support.

This area of work is currently under development.

One to one counselling sessions will  help our team assess the type of help which is required in each situation. Counselling sessions will equip each victim with the courage to speak up about the abuse they went through. It is through  one to one sessions that their healing process begins. 

We will be running monthly support group meetings to help victims of sexual abuse and rape meet together, share their stories and in so doing let the pain and hurt out slowly. We believe such sessions will help deal with the pain and lead to recovery.

As Justice For The Silenced, we aim to run campaigns throughout the year, highlighting the issue of sexual abuse round our communities. We target schools, local authorities as well as members of the public. We're here to inform people of this type of abuse which is happening around them. We educate our community on ways of keeping themselves and their loved ones safe, warning signs of when sexual abuse is taking place, the effects of sexual abuse as well as how to deal with such abuse.