Shilla Zwizwai Shomai

Shilla was born and raised in Zimbabwe. She lived there until the age of 13 before moving to Scotland. At present, Shilla is in law school at the University of Strathclyde with hopes of becoming a human rights lawyer. Shilla is also self-employed as a personal life coach, motivational speaker and mentor. She uses these roles to create change in her community and  in the world at large through speaking at conferences and building relationships  with numerous organisations.

Shilla's passion for helping others was planted in her from a young age. Growing up, Shilla came from a poor family and faced challenges which many other children still face in Zimbabwe. Shilla was a victim of sexual abuse at a tender age, and this instilled in her a lack of self confidence. During her teenage years, she struggled with self acceptance and understanding her self worth. Throughout her life, she battled with memories of this abuse. The physical pain she faced and the trauma  took over most of her childhood. At the age of 16, Shilla couldn't cope anymore and this resulted in an attempted suicide. Having struggled to cope with the trauma following her abuse, Shilla gave her life fully to God, and it was only through this experience, she was able to find healing by forgiving her abuser. 


Shilla founded Justice for the Silenced out of frustration from experiences of her  gruesome past. Her aim was and still remains to support victims of Sexual abuse  through the enhancement of their education, human rights & good health. July 2013, Shilla started working on her organisation, which she named Justice For The Silenced. She created a Facebook page for the charity which was received well by the general public. Friends and family reached out to her sharing their stories. During speaking and counselling them, it became apparent there was a need for an avenue through which victims of sexual abuse could voice their pain. By late 2015, Shilla had managed to put a team together and register her organisation, thus Justice For The Silenced was officially born.

Shilla hopes that through her passion for helping others, and the love and guidance of God, she will be able to fulfil her long term goal. She believes that Justice For The Silenced will be a platform where both male and female victims of sexual abuse can share their stories, find a listening ear while finding strength and courage through speaking to other survivors. 

Justice for the silenced is evidence that, if one learns how to channel anger  correctly, they can use it as a driving force for positive change. This remains  Shilla’s message to the world today.