Thank you to the children and young people from Crosshill Children's home for your generous donation towards Justice for the Silenced!

Pictured - Young people from Crosshill Children's Unit

Justice for the Silenced would like to thank children from Crosshill children's home for kindly making a donation of £160 towards our cause. This money was raised through deposits made by the kids into a "swear jar" which the members of Staff in used as a way of encouraging the children to stop swearing. This donation will be put towards school fees payments for the children  we are currently sponsoring.

One of our ongoing projects, the "Own Your Life" Project aims to raise funds which will be put towards sponsoring underprivileged primary school children with their education funds. Justice for the Silenced believes that lack of education makes a child one of the most vulnerable children in the world. We believe that a good education is the first step towards granting a child independence and helping them take full ownership of their life. 

In Scotland, children living in care are among some of the most vulnerable children. It is therefore humbling to see such a group of young people coming together, looking past their own needs and choosing to help other children who are less privileged than them. The visit to Crosshill Children's home was also a walk down memory lane for me as I once lived in the same home. The conversation I had with the children was so empowering. 

The young people are currently working on children’s rights as part of this were looking at citizenship and global matters. They were informed about the work you do at Justice for the Silenced and were really keen to know more about it. They were really impressed with the presentation and it made them think about how different things can be for other children around the world
— Eleanor Loughran, Unit Manager, Crosshill Children's Unit

The children we are currently sponsoring are from Rupati Primary School in Masvingo province, Zimbabwe. It costs only £5 a month to keep each child in school yet so many children are still dropping out of school due to their parents being unable to pay for their school fees. A donation of this kind would be enough to keep 1 child in school for nearly 3 full years! 

To the young people from Crosshill Children's Unit , we thank you for your donation! We are also looking forward to sharing some updates with you of the children we're going to sponsor with your donation!