Shilla's story: Stronger than ever!

Shilla's story:Remember me?

Fairly young, I saw family instead of a predator

Took a shortcut , I saw a wise man but not the devil within

Watched me all the time, he was a vulture in disguise

And I, I was innocent

On his lap he told me to sit. I obeyed.

I was a child who was taught "good" morals,

"You shall never question your elders!"

I tried so many times to fight my tears but

with intensity of the emotions welling up

I couldn't even wipe them off,

I was so afraid, I could feel a big lump in my throat

As my soul drowned in sorrow and sadness.

Yes, he did it! My own uncle he did it!

To his own flesh and blood, he did it.

He violated me, sexually assaulted me.

His act emptied the innocence in me.

The little girl I could never fully recapture.

An act that would haunt my childhood forever.

I told them, they blamed me...!

I was confused and lost

They were selfish and ignorant

But the tables have turned now.

I remember walking among thorns,

feeling the pain to my bones and

watched myself fall apart.

But like a phoenix rising from its ashes,

I felt it, the new strength I had found.

For I no longer dined with demons but

Warriors ready to break the silence.

All has been forgiven but not forgotten.

For these memories are a reminder

of the past and for to never repeat it self again.


I seek justice for those who can still be saved.    

Believe me, I do not feel inclined rather

I have a duty!

Which is concerned with fairness and equality.  

As intrinsic as my vision sounds,

perceiving this intuition was like a sweet melody straight to my heart.    

"I stand for justice now,

And I stand stronger than ever."