Dear Friend

  I saw it in your eyes, your soul screaming lost and felt your weak pulse and I knew you were tired, tired of hiding behind that smile on your face. It is time to expose the enemy!                                                                                                              

I've heard of wounds that never heal and pain which grows so rapidly you start suffocating in your own skin. I've seen anger turn innocent people into monsters because they felt they had no place in the world (believe me, this I have experienced myself). Why the world is ruthless and fierce is for the next generation to understand. But for now, it is the voice inside that refuses to open up, to speak and let the wounds dry that we should be worrying about. It has such a forceful power, we suddenly get stuck and refuse to move on or even fight for what’s left of our dignity. We could lie to each other and say it can all disappear into thin air but the truth is  these scars are there to stay and remind us of that which we went through. But again it is the effort made to save oneself that makes it a reminder of how we once again, gained control of our own lives.


It is the fear of reprisal from the assailant which has left many silent and because of shame and deep-seated cultural notions that the victim is to blame has left little trust in those who desire to speak. But do not worry because I, I am Justice. I am here to be patient with you and to be served accordingly by the perpetrator, only  if you let me.

I am here to let you breathe again...

  Chantelle Masaka