Thank you for your kind donation!

Thank you to the children and young people from Crosshill Children's home for your generous donation towards Justice for the Silenced!

Pictured - Young people from Crosshill Children's Unit

Justice for the Silenced would like to thank children from Crosshill children's home for kindly making a donation of £160 towards our cause. This money was raised through deposits made by the kids into a "swear jar" which the members of Staff in used as a way of encouraging the children to stop swearing. This donation will be put towards school fees payments for the children  we are currently sponsoring.

One of our ongoing projects, the "Own Your Life" Project aims to raise funds which will be put towards sponsoring underprivileged primary school children with their education funds. Justice for the Silenced believes that lack of education makes a child one of the most vulnerable children in the world. We believe that a good education is the first step towards granting a child independence and helping them take full ownership of their life. 

In Scotland, children living in care are among some of the most vulnerable children. It is therefore humbling to see such a group of young people coming together, looking past their own needs and choosing to help other children who are less privileged than them. The visit to Crosshill Children's home was also a walk down memory lane for me as I once lived in the same home. The conversation I had with the children was so empowering. 

The young people are currently working on children’s rights as part of this were looking at citizenship and global matters. They were informed about the work you do at Justice for the Silenced and were really keen to know more about it. They were really impressed with the presentation and it made them think about how different things can be for other children around the world
— Eleanor Loughran, Unit Manager, Crosshill Children's Unit

The children we are currently sponsoring are from Rupati Primary School in Masvingo province, Zimbabwe. It costs only £5 a month to keep each child in school yet so many children are still dropping out of school due to their parents being unable to pay for their school fees. A donation of this kind would be enough to keep 1 child in school for nearly 3 full years! 

To the young people from Crosshill Children's Unit , we thank you for your donation! We are also looking forward to sharing some updates with you of the children we're going to sponsor with your donation!



Shilla's story : phase two

Shilla's story: Stronger than ever!

Shilla's story:Remember me?

Fairly young, I saw family instead of a predator

Took a shortcut , I saw a wise man but not the devil within

Watched me all the time, he was a vulture in disguise

And I, I was innocent

On his lap he told me to sit. I obeyed.

I was a child who was taught "good" morals,

"You shall never question your elders!"

I tried so many times to fight my tears but

with intensity of the emotions welling up

I couldn't even wipe them off,

I was so afraid, I could feel a big lump in my throat

As my soul drowned in sorrow and sadness.

Yes, he did it! My own uncle he did it!

To his own flesh and blood, he did it.

He violated me, sexually assaulted me.

His act emptied the innocence in me.

The little girl I could never fully recapture.

An act that would haunt my childhood forever.

I told them, they blamed me...!

I was confused and lost

They were selfish and ignorant

But the tables have turned now.

I remember walking among thorns,

feeling the pain to my bones and

watched myself fall apart.

But like a phoenix rising from its ashes,

I felt it, the new strength I had found.

For I no longer dined with demons but

Warriors ready to break the silence.

All has been forgiven but not forgotten.

For these memories are a reminder

of the past and for to never repeat it self again.


I seek justice for those who can still be saved.    

Believe me, I do not feel inclined rather

I have a duty!

Which is concerned with fairness and equality.  

As intrinsic as my vision sounds,

perceiving this intuition was like a sweet melody straight to my heart.    

"I stand for justice now,

And I stand stronger than ever."                          




Breathe again...


Breathe again...

Dear Friend

  I saw it in your eyes, your soul screaming lost and felt your weak pulse and I knew you were tired, tired of hiding behind that smile on your face. It is time to expose the enemy!                                                                                                              

I've heard of wounds that never heal and pain which grows so rapidly you start suffocating in your own skin. I've seen anger turn innocent people into monsters because they felt they had no place in the world (believe me, this I have experienced myself). Why the world is ruthless and fierce is for the next generation to understand. But for now, it is the voice inside that refuses to open up, to speak and let the wounds dry that we should be worrying about. It has such a forceful power, we suddenly get stuck and refuse to move on or even fight for what’s left of our dignity. We could lie to each other and say it can all disappear into thin air but the truth is  these scars are there to stay and remind us of that which we went through. But again it is the effort made to save oneself that makes it a reminder of how we once again, gained control of our own lives.


It is the fear of reprisal from the assailant which has left many silent and because of shame and deep-seated cultural notions that the victim is to blame has left little trust in those who desire to speak. But do not worry because I, I am Justice. I am here to be patient with you and to be served accordingly by the perpetrator, only  if you let me.

I am here to let you breathe again...

  Chantelle Masaka




The Weeping Man


The Weeping Man

Picture from - Male Survivors of Sexual Violence - Myths and Misconceptions.

Too often we hear about abuse and violent crimes happening towards women and children, a sad reality present in our communities. To that effect numerous organisations have been founded and governments all around the world have erected close to excellent legislation towards the protection of these venerable persons (women and children). Barely anything can be taken away from this nor can one deny the need for such protection or its continuance.

It is a common tradition that most societies tend to differentiate the roles played by males and females even as early as birth. From the colours of clothes the children wear to the toys they are bought. As the child grows up, so do the gender lines begin to be drawn and become more elaborate hence the separation of male and female, and the roles they play in whatever society they are in grow and become more defined. As a male member of my family, I remember being constantly taught on how and what a man is, that a man must protect his family, a man is strong, a man does not cry, a man provides. If the words where not spoken it was amplified by the difference in toys my parents bought for me and my sister. I always had plastic swords and guns whilst my sister had her dolls and teapots. I played cops and robbers with my friends, whilst my sisters had tea parties and make-up sleepovers.

a man must protect his family, a man is strong, a man does not cry, a man provides.

The end result was that, I was supposed to be as brave as a lion, as fierce as a bear and as protective as a wolf, but what happens when due to abuse and violations the lion weeps, the bear hides and the wolf is venerable? Nothing, absolutely nothing mainly because no one wants to admit it or dare speak that such can happen to a man. It is as if a taboo to be spoken of and we shun the few individuals who find the little strength in them to speak out and we crucify them and make a mockery out of them so as to never hear from them again. Men are being abused and violated in gross manners and that is a reality we have since time immemorial ignored and have failed to protect these vulnerable persons.

The end result was that, I was supposed to be as brave as a lion, as fierce as a bear and as protective as a wolf, but what happens when due to abuse and violations the lion weeps, the bear hides and the wolf is vulnerable?

We cannot keep silent any further on the matter, we are denying justice for these men who are abused and by our attitude towards men we put them in a position that they fear to report the crimes or even speak of it.

Yes, slowly but surely the some governments have created legislation to include the protection for men & to enable men to speak more openly about it. And the rest of the countries and their governments?  Well, for any legislation to be made law it takes time maybe even years, but real people will continue to get hurt till that time. This does not have to be like that. What roll shall you and I play in this?

 Let us be open about this on-going abuse to men, and give them a firm platform to air out their hurts and torture. The change must start with you and me and the simple acknowledgement that such gross violations are also happening to men. There is a need for every one of us to live in peace and harmony. To respect life and protect it. When a person is abused, it limits their potential in life; they become fearful and full of worry. Abuse damages a person’s social and educational development. There is also the risk of diseasing one with incurable diseases and viruses. The mental damage is irreparable. No matter how hard you try to forget or shove it to the back of your mind it will always come up. There will always be something that reminds you of the trauma.

The mental damage is irreparable. No matter how hard you try to forget or shove it to the back of your mind it will always come up. There will always be something that reminds you of the trauma.

Abuse in any form is a gross ill on humanity weather it is done towards a male or female, even though the main focus on this article was on male abuse. The sad part is that you are either affected by abuse or infected by it.”